In The News

Below is a list of where my work has been cited – either from my time as the Co-Founder of Dream Forward or from my time as a fintech analyst. 

The Wall St. Journal:
9/2013 – Quoted inHow to Get Investment Advice for Less Online
9/2013 – Quoted inAs Financial-Advice Market Heats Up, Some Drop Out
12/2013 – Quoted inAdvisers Turn to Portfolio Analysis Software
1/2014 – Interview with WSJ Radio
2/2014 – Video Interview on Online Wealth Management
7/2014 – Cited inWealth Adviser: How Advisers Can Benefit from Collaborative Divorces
10/2014 – Quoted inGoing Mobile: a User’s Guide to Investing Apps
11/2014 – Quoted inAre You Ready for Robo-Advice?
1/2015 – Quoted in “The Challenge of Aging Clients’ Shrinking Assets
8/2016 – Dream Forward mentioned in “New Online 401(k) Plans Disrupt Retirement Market

401(k) Specialist Magazine:
04/2019 – Featured in “New Deal Brings Chatbots to 401k Plan Participants

Al Jazeera America:
10/2013 – Real Money with Ali Velshi TV appearance discussing algorithm-based investing.
5/2013 – TV appearance discussing real estate crowdfunding. Follow this link and enter the password “Real Money” to watch the video.

American Banker:
12/2018 – Quoted inCommonBond braces for shift to Gen Z in buying student-coaching fintech

03/2017 – Featured inThis is What You Missed at Peak Pitch 2017

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
8/2016 – Featured in the cover photo for “Funds Extended For Startup Aid
7/2016 – Quoted in “Financial-tech startups enjoy LR stimulus

5/2015 – Quoted in “Should you trade your financial adviser for a robo-adviser?” 

Bank Investment Consultant:
1/2015 – Quoted in “Advisors, Relax: Robos Won’t Steal Your Job

12/2016 – Cited in “CFP Board: Adapt to Robos or Die
5/2018 – Quoted in “Assessing BlackRock’s Acorns Bet

Benefits Pro:
07/2014 – Quoted in “Online advisory space shows notable growth
04/2019 – Quoted in “What AI reveals about 401(k) participants’ knowledge gaps
04/2019 – Quoted in “Chatbots can up anxiety in already fraught situations

9/2014 – Quoted in “The Dumb Money Is Getting Smarter Every Day
9/2017 – Quoted inMillennials Look to Do Well, and Good, With Pension Investments

Business Insider:
7/2014 – Quoted inRobo-Advisors Manage Over 36% More Money Than They Did 3 Months Ago
12/2014 – Quoted in “
Robo-Advisers Now Manage 21% More Money Than They Did 5 Months Ago
2/2017- Quoted in “This is the future of financial advice
6/2017 – Quoted in “A big question mark is hanging over the hottest trend in investing

Business Record:
11/2013 – Quoted inTechno investing

10/2014 – Quoted in “Leading robo-advisor hits funding milestone
1/2015 – Statistics I gathered are cited in “Why mutual fund companies are jumping on the DIY craze
4/2018 – Quoted in “How to make sure you’re investing with the right robo-advisor
12/2018 – Quoted in “These are the biggest blind spots about retirement plans

The Columbus Dispatch:
11/2014 – Quoted in “Powell company among startups offering investors online portfolio reviews

Consumer Reports:
7/2016- Quoted In “The Rise of the Robo-Adviser

Crain’s New York Business:
4/2013 – Quoted in “Bloomberg LP delves into online financial advice

The Dallas Morning News:
6/2014 – Quoted inRobo-advisors shake up the investing landscape

Details Magazine:
10/2014 – Quoted in “Why Your Next Financial Adviser Should Be a Robot

Die Zeit (a German publication):
1/2015 – Quoted in “Empfohlen vom Computer

Employee Benefit News:
11/2016 – Quoted inIs AI the next evolution of robo-advisors?
4/2014 – Q & A interview with Cinthia Murphy of
4/2015 – Quoted in 3 Problems With Your 401(k)

FA Magazine:
1/2014 – Quoted in “Financial Advice in 2034
6/2014 – Quoted in “Biggest Thing Since ETFs?” 
11/2014 – Quoted in “Financial Advisor Becomes Robo-Advisor
12/2014 – Quoted in “Trizic Lets FAs Go Robo Without Being Robo” 

Financial Planning:
6/2013 – Quoted in “Savant Joins eAdvisory Trend
11/2013 – Quoted in “
For Advisors, New Web Threat Looms
8/2013 – Quoted in “Advisor Threat? Wave of New Online Services Incoming
7/2014 – Quoted in “
Robo Advisor Update: Schwab Plans Affect RIAs, Startups
10/2014 – Quoted in “Aftershocks Follow Schwab Robo Rollout
11/2014 – Quoted inWhich Robo Advisors Will Survive?
2/2015 – Quoted in “Robo Assets Grew Significantly In ’14
2/2015 – Dream Forward profiled in “Startup Sees 401(k) Industry Ripe for Disruption

11/2015 – Quoted in “Financial Engines’ $560M Deal Puts Humans in the Machine
2/2017 – Quoted in “New robo adviser for Hispanic clients speaks their language
3/2018 – Quoted in “Can AI relieve cost pressures on retirement plans?
3/2018 – Quoted in “What Wealthfront’s reported valuation drop means for indie robo advisors
3/2018 – Quoted in “With new portfolio, Betterment works to improve its advisor appeal
4/2018 – Quoted in “$3B deal of Edelman, Financial Engines puts other RIAs in the hot seat
5/2018 – Quoted in “BlackRock’s bet on Acorns is a bet on tomorrow’s investor
7/2018 – Quoted in “Robo advice pioneer gets out of robo advice
7/2018 – Keynote speaker at Financial Planning’s In|Vest conference (video)
8/2018 – Quoted in “‘Super robos’ to emerge as digital financial advice evolves
10/2018 – Quoted inHSBC joins banks offering retail robo advice
11/2018 – Quoted inA tale of two Vanguards? Digital growth exposes risk to incumbents
04/2019 – Quoted inRobos survived a volatile year. What happens when it’s worse?
05/2019 – Guest post titled “What’s real — and what’s hype — behind AI

The Financial Times’ FA IQ:
5/2013 – Quoted in “Bloomberg Wants to Give You a Run for Your Money
4/2014 – Quoted in “Don’t Try to Outwit the Robots — Embrace Them

9/2013 – Quoted in “4 New Online Money Management Tools Worth A Try
11/2013 – Quoted in “Can Financial Planners Be Rated Like Yelp?
9/2014 – Quoted in “6 New Apps And Sites To Manage Your Money
11/2014 – Quoted in “Robo-Boom: More Smart Money Betting You’ll Let Robots Into Your Wallet
1/2015 – Quoted in “Can Robo-Advisors Survive A Bear Market?
12/2016 – Quoted in “Robo-Advisers: Not Just For Millennials Anymore?

2/2013 – Cited in “Silicon Valley meets Wall Street

Fund Action:
8/2014 – Quoted in “Online Advisors Make Plan Sponsor Push

Huffington Post:
9/2013 – Quoted in
4 New Online Money Management Tools Worth A Try

Hartsburg News:
03/2019 – Quoted in “AI can tell where your retirement savings knowledge falls short”

The Financial Times’ Ignites Publication:
11/2013 – Quoted in “Robo-Advisors May Put Squeeze on Active Managers
4/2014 – Quoted in “Firms to Copy Vanguard’s Robo-Advisor Model: Experts”
7/2014 – Q&A interview, “How Can Fund Firms Adapt to the Age of Digital Advice?
10/2014 – Quoted in “Web Giants Tough Match for Fund Shops”

Institutional Investor:
8/2015 – Quoted in “The Longevity of Robo Advisors And Retirement Planning” 

Quoted in “Adviser reviews coming soon to a website near you
9/2013 – Quoted in “Start ups pitch automated advice at tech confab
10/2013 – Quoted in “Motif users can play portfolio manager and earn royalties
11/2013 – Quoted in “Rise of the machines
3/2014 – Quoted in “The adviser industry is shrinking (and why that’s a good thing)
4/2014 – Video interview with Investment News. The link to the video is in the middle of the article.
6/2014 – Quoted in “Betterment for advisers on its way as firm adds trust, tax-loss harvesting products
7/2014 – Quoted in “
Robo-advisers prepare for market downturns by offering more sophisticated services
7/2014 – Quoted in “Schwab preps robo offering
9/2014 – Quoted in “Personal Capital cuts fees on high-net-worth digital platform
9/2014 – Quoted in “Wealthfront has ‘best shot’ to remain leading digital disruptor: Forrester
10/2014 – Quoted in “Digital investment platforms go online to calm skittish investors
3/2015 – Quoted in “Will the LearnVest-Northwestern Mutual deal lead to a culture clash?

6/2015 – Quoted in “Boeing settlement underscores advisers’ 401(k) responsibility
10/2015 – Quoted in “Schwab, Morningstar partner on 401(k) managed accounts
6/2016 – Quoted in “Ameritas to buy Guardian’s 401(k) plan business
1/2016 – Quoted in “Betterment, rivals tap into wide open 401(k) market for robos
3/2016 – Quoted in “Some retirement plan record keepers resort to aggressive sales tactics with proprietary products
12/2016 – Quoted in “Financial advisers must adapt quickly to competition from robos to stay in business: CFP Board
3/2018 – Quoted in “Fintechs aiming AI at advisers
12/2018 – Quoted in “Retirement chatbot tells the real story about investors’ greatest retirement questions

Investor’s Business Daily:
12/2014 – Quoted in “Want To Skip Your Retirement 401(k)? Novices Beware

6/2014 – Cited in “Best of the Online Investment Advisers
3/2015 – Quoted in “4 Great Apps for Investors

Life Health Pro:
2/2017 – Quoted inDreaming of savvier savers: start-up joins the 401(k) fray

2/2013 – Report cited in “Get retirement investing advice—for less
10/2013 – Quoted in “How to build your own ETF
2/2014 – Quoted in “How to use crowdfunding to invest in real estate
12/2016 – Quoted in “How your 401(k) plan will change in 2017

Marketplace (American Public Media):
6/2015 – Quoted in “Goldman to improve its consumer Sachs appeal 

Miami Herald:
8/2016 – Dream Forward mentioned in “Startups are launching online low-cost 401(k) plans to small businesses

Money Magazine:
3/2015 – Quoted in “Meet Your New Financial Advisor

7/2017 – Quoted inDream Forward: The Emotional Robo-Counselor For Your 401(k)

The New York Times:
1/2013 – Quoted in “Finding Advice for More Modest Retirement Investments
8/2014 – Quoted in An Emerging Price War in the World of Investment Advice.” I also helped with the graphic that accompanies the article – see the footer of the table.

6/2015 – Dream Forward mentioned in “Simpler, Less Expensive 401(k) Options Emerge for Small Businesses

National Public Radio (NPR):
2/2015 – Interviewed for a MarketPlace radio segment called “Should you let a robo-adviser invest for you?

NY Daily News:
12/2013 – Quoted in “Online investment tracker SigFig launches new service offering low-cost investment management

9/2013 – Quoted in “4 New Online Money Management Tools Worth A Try
11/2013 – Quoted in “Can Financial Planners Be Rated Like Yelp?
9/2014 – Quoted in “6 New Apps And Sites To Manage Your Money

Pensions & Insurance:
11/2017 – Keynote presentation at the P&I conference (video)

5/2013 – Quoted in “Controlling your online image
9/2013 – Quoted in “Will U.S. middle class lose in fight over financial advice?
11/2013 – Quoted in “Are do-it-yourself investors too cautious with cash?
10/2014 – Quoted in “Five ways to get help with your 401(k)

9/2013 –  Quoted in “Solving for Why: The Rise of Algorithm-Based Advice”
9/2013 – Quoted in “Advisor ex Machina: The Rise of Algorithm-Based Advice
4/2014 – Quoted in “Robo-Advisors Gobbling Billions in Assets
7/2014 – Quoted in “
Robo-Advisors Grab $4.2 Billion in 3 Months
10/2014 – Quoted in “Robo-Advice ‘Not a Zero-Sum Game’ as Schwab Stomps Into Arena
2/2017 – Quoted in “Dreaming of savvier savers: start-up joins the 401(k) fray

TIME Magazine: 
3/2015 – Quoted inWould You Trust Your Retirement to a Machine?

11/2013 – Quoted in “Replacing Financial Advisors with Robo-Advisors?
4/2014 – Quoted in “Robo Advisors Gaining Influence, Assets
4/2014 – Quoted in “Covestor profiled among online financial startups
11/2014 – Quoted in “Why Investors Are Flocking to Robo Advisors Instead of Traditional Planners
11/2014 – Quoted in “How to Choose the Right Robo Advisor for Your Retirement
4/2015 – Quoted in “Employees Winning 401(k) Lawsuits Over High Fees and Other Shortcomings
4/2015 – Quoted in “401(k) Plans Are Not Helping Employees Meet Their Retirement Goals
5/2016 – Quoted in “A Third of Americans Lack Retirement Savings in a 401(k) or IRA
12/2016 – Quoted in “Why the Dow Hitting 20,000 Won’t Hurt 401(k)s
10/2017 – Quoted in “Does Capping 401(k) Tax Deductions Disincentivize Retirement Saving?
11/2017 – Quoted in “How Artificial Intelligence Will Help Financial Advisors Provide Better Guidance
3/2018 – Quoted in “Retirement Savers Should Resist the Bitcoin Lure

Retirement Income Journal:
1/2017 – Quoted in “RetirePreneur: Dream Forward

San Francisco Chronicle:

8/2013 – Quoted in “Students raise cash with novel tool
6/2014 – Quoted in “Motif aims to disrupt discount brokers, mutual funds
10/2014 – Quoted in “Automated investment advice a growing trend
12/2014 – Quoted in “Making sense of all the robo-advisers

Springfield News Sun:
11/2017 – Quoted inSpringfield firm pitches new social media app to save for retirement
1/2018 – Quoted inSpringfield financial business secures $4.6M in financing

U.S. News & World Report:
11/2013 – Quoted inNeed Money Tips? There’s a Startup for That
11/2013 – Quoted in “7 Best Vanguard Funds for Retirement

USA Today:
1/2015 – Quoted in “Financial supper clubs and gaming for Millennial investors” 

Wealth Management:
11/2013 Quoted in “The Next Wave of Online Advice
7/2014 – Quoted in “Robo Advisor Assets Up 37%
/2014 – Quoted in “Ten to Watch: Richard J. Hagen Jr.
12/2014 – Quoted in “Robo-Advisor AUM Grew 65 Percent In Eight Months
12/2014 – Quoted in “Total AUM Increases for 11 Leading Robo-Advisors

Wired Advisor:
10/2014 – Podcast Interview on the Future of Financial Advice

WGN Radio Chicago:
01/2019 Quoted in “The Opening Bell 1/24/19: How Much Do You Really Know About Your 401(k)…?
04/2019 Quoted in “Chat Bots Are Beginning to Simplify Corporate 401k Plans

Viet Times:
2/2017 – Quoted inCyborg is the future of financial consulting

8/2013 Guest Post – “Can’t afford college tuition? These startups can help

Yahoo Finance:
2/2017 – Quoted inThis is the future of financial advice


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